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Thursday, July 28, 2016

did you know George Read Looks Like Benjamin Franklin a little?

it think its the 33rd parallel

jolten joe!!!

st george 

magilla brother kubla kahn


no yokes!

the Who

right in the mCinelly section second rib on the right

children of the corn

una fatsa una ratsa!


ladies gentlemen the beatles!


in the navy its called sea sickness
yes popeye

phil in community

babe ruth best friend bleacher 

polo anybody?

1 day out of month sleep in different bedrooms pray that god keeps me safe

bin hin rin tin tin

st paraskevi of the boiling sis-

Achilles of the children

confusius love game

my miracle found hat chicago well very big mountain

its all about everybody its about punishment

why did the unknown exist in egypt.
because we can look an find

jesse ventura

mikis composer

why does tis thee resurrect only happen a fin?thats tis me seat
do i say this or low
for i am high
tis morning
but woe
500 for a mule
that armed
but as so i pray
tis me saddle
but woe
for i tis not ask

George Papandreou

mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Israel